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Reintroducing Eatertainment!

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The last few years have been burdensome for just about every industry. Yet slowly and surely, we are seeing businesses determined to regain their strength, and comeback more profitable than ever. This is especially true for establishments with a focus on eatertainment.

What is eatertainment? Simply put, it is the combined experience of both dining and fun. Some examples of eatertainment can be found in places like bowling allies, arcades and of course, family entertainment centers. At these locations it doesn’t matter if your guests eat first and play later, or eat later and play first. All that matters is they are choosing your business to spend their time and money.

With the worst of the pandemic seemingly in the rearview, people are looking to get out of the house and back to that thing called LIFE. This means getting the most out of a day or night out. Owners and operators both new and old will want to take advantage of this wave of excitement and make sure their businesses are ready for the crowds to come.iStock-1206649503

When it comes to designing menu options, it is vital to have reliable kitchen equipment that can really perform. Ventless, high-speed ovens like our MultiChef XS & MultiChef XLT are ideal for serving up tasty food in nearly no time at all. Create a wide range of offerings like pizzas, nachos, paninis, quesadillas and so much more! These ovens are easy to operate and consistently efficient, using a combination of controlled pressurized air, high temperatures, and microwaves. Oh, and we can’t forget about safety! Despite reaching an internal temperature of over 500 degrees, their exteriors stay cool to the touch at all times. This keeps your staff safe and allows for zero side clearance on countertops, so every inch of space can be utilized. Talk about two birds one stone! 

So, what do you think? Is your business ready for the reintroduction of eatertainment? 

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