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The 2023 NACS Show - Top 3 Takeaways

the 2023 nacs show

The 2023 NACS Show has come to an end, and once again we had a BLAST meeting friends both new and old, and sharing the benefits of our ventless kitchen equipment. We also loved taking in all the newest products, technologies, and trends.

As always, we want to share our experience with all of you. Check out our Top 3 Takeaways from The 2023 NACS Show below, and join us in our excitement for the future of c-stores!

Fried Chicken and Pizzas are still the pillars of C-store foodservice

For years, fried chicken and pizza options have been the core of most convenience store menus. This notion rings just as true in 2023. Guests are still looking for these types of offerings when they visit a c-store, only now they have higher expectations. Quality and speed are more important to a convenience store guest than ever before.

Hiring struggles persist

Owners and operators continue to have issues with both hiring and retaining staff members. This means finding alternative ways to incentivize potential employees and fill in the labor gaps within the day-to-day operations. Automatic equipment is proving to be a major relief for many convenience stores, including both large chains and individual stores.

The importance of identifying Innovating ideasNACS 2023 - empty booth

As you walked the seemingly endless show flow at the Georgia World Congress Center, you can’t help but notice all of the innovation that surrounds you. After chatting with a number of individuals within the c-store industry, it was clear they are leaving no stone unturned when it comes to sourcing innovative ideas. Convenience store leaders are looking inward, and inviting employees from all levels to provide suggestions and/or concepts that will result in better operations and overall company growth.

Well, there you have it folks, those are our Top 3 Takeaways from The 2023 NACS Show! We are so happy we had the opportunity to share our innovative kitchen solutions with so many members of the c-store industry. To learn more about how AutoFry and MultiChef can benefit your convenience store, click the link below!

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