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Withstanding Winter: Desserts for Delivery

Withstanding Winter 11_11_2020

As the Winter months begin to roll in, restaurants need to prepare themselves for the shifts in the foodservice industry. Outdoor dining will become non-existent in some regions of the country and patrons will instead opt for food delivery. Offering a variety of mouthwatering menu options is a great way to ensure that your business is the place people choose to order from. Especially if you are offering delicious desserts!

PB Smores QuesadillaThere is just something so rewarding about dessert. Everyone loves a little treat at the end of a meal. Whether it is decadent and chocolatey, or simply sweet with fresh fruit, dessert is comfort food at its finest. By implementing a simple dessert menu that stands out amongst your competitors, you can help keep the profits coming in, even in the colder seasons.

At Motion Technology, Inc., we are not afraid to admit that we all have a bit of a sweet tooth, and love to try out all kinds of desserts in our test kitchen. Our line of ventless kitchen equipment is capable of producing creative confections with ease. From deep-fried delights like flakey beignets and crispy churros made in the AutoFry®, to perfectly prepared apple pie flatbreads and s’mores quesadillas straight out of the MultiChef XL™, it is hard to choose our favorites.

Now, if you want to add dessert items to your menu that will impress your clientele, you will need to have kitchen equipment that can truly deliver. The AutoFry and MultiChef XL make foodservice simple. With just the press of a few buttons your business is turned into a food preparation FRYday 09-18-2020-1powerhouse. So easy to use, any employee can operate them. This means there is no need to hire a professional cook or chef to produce desirable dessert choices. And because our equipment is ventless, our clients save BIG on hood or vent installation and service. This allows them to focus funds elsewhere, which is more important than ever these days.

We can’t stop the cold weather from coming, but we can help you keep your patrons warm with desserts for delivery!

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