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Tasty Trends: Bubble Tea Cafes

Tasty Trends Bubble Tea Cafes

Have you heard the word? Bubble Tea Cafes are becoming quite the tasty trend across the United States. That’s right, this Taiwanese original is making an impact from coast to coast and quickly becoming popular destinations for any time of the day. For those who don’t know, Bubble Tea is a tea-based drink that generally consists of tea and milk accompanied by tapioca balls or other fun toppings that sit at the bottom of every cup like little buried treasure. This delectable drink can also goes by the names Boba or Pearl Milk Tea. But no matter what you call it, its all delicious!

So, what kind of cuisine can people expect to see in a Bubble Tea café? Traditional deep-fried Taiwanese dishes like crispy Fried Tofu or Taiwanese Fried Chicken (basically what Americans call popcorn chicken, only way better) are just a couple of examples. You can also find healthier options like Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls with Steamed Veggies, that are just as equally delectable.

Now, to produce great food, cafes will need to arm their kitchens with the right tools for the job.Taiwanese Chicken Ventless, automatic kitchen equipment allows owners and operators to implement a foodservice program without all the hassle. No need to worry about the high costs of a hood system, ventless deep-fryers and ovens avoid those expenses by operating with built-in air filtration systems. Furthermore, the automation of this equipment makes it unnecessary to hire a professional cook or chef, which is ideal during times when labor isn’t the easiest to find.

At MTI, we pride ourselves in being the leaders in innovative ventless solutions. For over thirty years we have perfected our equipment and committed ourselves to providing the best experience for our customers. From product development to customer service, we strive to put forth nothing less than the best. No matter the industry, we are here to help get your foodservice program up and running!

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