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Flip the Script on Drive-in Threatre Dining with MTI

Flip the Script
These are strange times for sure. As we begin to adapt to the New Normal, we see a bright light of opportunity arising for some industries. Drive-in theatres are proving to be the ideal social distancing activity. This classic past time is making its move in modern times, all the while bringing much needed entertainment back to our country.  
Now, anyone who has ever been to a drive-in theatre knows that while your there you expect two things, good movies and good food. Every car load of guests will be at your establishment for the length of two, sometimes even three movies. Easily keeping them there for at least three to four hours. It is important to provide them with a variety of delicious menu options to tease their taste buds.  
At Motion Technology, Inc., we have spent thirty years supplying businesses, including drive-ins, with the tools they need to pump out perfectly prepared food with ease. Our ventless kitchen equipment not only saves you from the high costs of installing a hood system, it allows your business to run with minimal staff, as they can be operated by any employee. This is possible because our equipment is easy to use and maintain, requiring little training time. 
From our high-speed oven, the MultiChef XL, to our line of deep fryers, known as the AutoFryyour drive-in theatre can create the ultimate food service menu. From traditional choices like pizzas, fries and chicken tenders to more outside the box options like funky flatbreads, and even deep fried desserts, there is something for everyone. Make your menu just as exciting as the movies on your screens!
We want our customers to know that even after they purchase we are here, behind the scenes, to help. Whether its cleaning guides, how to videos, or recipe inspiration, we've got it covered. So, flip the script on drive-in dining, and find out how ventless equipment can help your theatre steal the show! 
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