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Set for Success: MTI Rebate Offer

Set for Success!

Did you know that when you purchase an AutoFry® or MultiChef XL™ you become eligible for our Rebate Program? We have not only partnered with amazing companies like Brakebush and McCain Foods, but we also implemented our own rebate offer. At MTI, we like to think that we are in the business of supporting businesses, and it is our hope that we can help each and every one of our customers be set for success!

Our rebate offer is designed to supply our clients with valuable resources. The MTI Cleaning Kit includes additional tools to keep their equipment running and looking like new.

Here is what you will find in each kit:

  • AutoFry CGR (Carbon Grease Remover): This cleaner comes in both an aerosol can and spray bottle, and is a favorite among our customers. 
  • MTI-Shield: Get ahead of the grease and create a protective layer on the outside of your equipment with ease.
  • Brite Shine: Add a bit of sparkle and shine to the stainless steel surface of the AutoFry or MultiChef XL.
  • Boil Out Pucks: Easily remove greasy build-up from the inside of AutoFry oil pots safely and effectively.
  • Grease Scraper: Helpful for removing caked on grease from the AutoFry or scraping your pizza stone for the MultiChef XL. 
  • Carbon-Off:  This heavy-duty carbon grease remover for stainless steel surfaces really packs a punch. The grease never stood a chance! 

Talk about the ultimate cleaning kit... But wait, that’s not all! We have also included a $500 discount off your next ventless equipment purchase. That’s right, save even more when arming your kitchen with the best ventless fryers and ovens on the market!

We want our customers to know that whether you are starting out fresh with a new venture, or evolving your business, we have the products and tools to make it simple and profitable.

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