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Cidery Sensations: Adding a Foodservice Program

Cidery Sensations

So, you’ve been to wineries, and you’ve been to breweries, but have you been to a cidery? These Fall destinations are growing in popularity, especially across the east coast, where there seems to be an apple orchard in every small town. Cideries are the prefect combination of childhood fun, and adult recreation. Kids, or no kids there is something for everyone.

What could be better than a crisp, Autumn day spent picking apples and drinking delicious hard cider with friends and family? How about a crisp, Autumn day spent picking apples, drinking delicious hard cider with friends and family, and eating phenomenal food? Now is the time for cidery owners and operators to consider adding a foodservice program to their business. Having available food options is a great way to draw in patrons and keep them hanging out long after they’ve finished picking.

Now, exactly what kind of menu selections should a cidery have? Well, they are only limited by their imaginations, and kitchen equipment! With the right tools, cideries can pump out everything from crispy wings to cheesy pizzas, and just about anything else in between. They can even incorporateiStock-1179622801 apples into their menus. Imagine visiting your favorite orchard for your annual apple picking outing. You get there and see they are now serving hard ciders and a range of flatbread pizzas, one of which is topped with creamy brie, fresh apple slices and topped with chopped pecans and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar. Your seasonal trip just went from a typical Autumn activity to an exciting Autumn experience!

Ventless deep-fryers and ovens are ideal for businesses looking to start a foodservice program. These handy helpers are so user friendly and easy, any employee can operate them, helping combat the ongoing labor shortage. They are also big money savers, requiring zero hoods or vents, allowing owners to avoid those high costs of installation and service.

If you own a cidery, or looking to transform your orchard into one, you will want to consider implementing a food menu. Click the link below to see just how easy it is to get started with MTI!

Click here for more on the AutoFry & MultiChef

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