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Happy Halloween: Killer Combos with Ventless Equipment

Killer Combos with MTIGather around all you ghouls and goblins, spooky season is here, and it is time for your menus to get into the Halloween spirit! Don’t miss out on the opportunity to lure customers to your establishment with terrifyingly tasty offerings.

In the MTI Test Kitchen, we are always trying to come up with fun recipes with our ventless kitchen equipment. This is especially true when it comes to the holidays! We know how important it is to grab the attention of potential diners, and we think special menu options are a great way to do just that. So, we decided to share a few Killer Combos we created with our AutoFry® MTI-10XL and MultiChef XS™.

Check them out below and give them a try for yourself…. if you dare, muahahahahaha.

Creepy Quesadillas with Coffin Chips & Salsa

Whether you fill these quesadillas with chicken, beef, or pork, they will still be just as tasty and scary. The most important part is the face you give your quesadilla. That’s right, I said face. When assembling our quesadillas, we cut out a creepy face on just one of our tortillas. This tortilla will be the one that faces up (no pun intended) when the time comes to plate. Add your choice of meat, cheese and veggies in between the two tortillas. Toast it up in the MultiChef XS and serve it with a side of Coffin Chips and salsa.

Mummy Wraps with Monster MASHed Potato CroquettesMummy  Monster Wraps

For these wraps, we use seasoned chicken that is prepared in the MultiChef XS. The chicken is diced and loaded into a spinach wrap with a combination of lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, smoked gouda, and a chipotle mayo. Serve it up with crispy potato croquettes directly from the AutoFry. For an extra scary effect, include a side a bloody siracha ketchup for the croquettes!

Bloody Beignets with a SCREAM Cheese Dipping Sauce

If you haven’t had a light and fluffy beignet, then you have really been missing out! We gave this pillowy, deep fried delight that was prepared in the AutoFry MTI-10 XL, the Halloween treatment by topping it with a bloody strawberry drizzle, and serving it with a side of sweet SCREAM cheese dipping sauce. You will have all the vampires, witches and werewolves lined up for this deadly dessert.

Now, take this inspiration and get working on menu items that scream Halloween!

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