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National Empanada Day: Top 3 Outrageous Fillings

National Empanada Day Top 3 Outrageous Fillings

This may be one of the most magical days of the year! National Empanada Day is officially here, and we cannot wait to celebrate. This year we decided the best way to kick off our festivities was by putting together a list of our Top 3 Outrageous Fillings for our empanadas.

Now, of course we love traditional empanada fillings like, shredded beef, pork, and chicken. Oh, and cheese, we can’t forget cheese! But we have also come to really enjoy the fillings that are a bit out of the norm. Check out our list below and give them a try, we know you won’t be disappointed!

Bacon Mac N Cheese Empanada

We took a childhood favorite and kicked it up a notch…ok maybe two notches! The creaminess of mac n cheese combines with salty bacon bits inside a crunchy fried shell. Your customers will be lining up to get their hands on these beauties. 

Buffalo Chicken Empanada

At the home of the AutoFry, we have a strong passion for chicken wings, so it only makes sense we take that passion and transform it into one of the most delicious empanadas we have ever had! For this little pocket of heaven, we loaded our dough with cream cheese, green onion and shredded chicken that has been tossed in a buttery hot sauce. Serve with blue cheese dressing for dipping and make sure to thank us later.

Strawberry Cheesecake EmpanadaiStock-1320591857

Of course, we can't forget dessert! We reinvented this classic sweet treat with a deep-fried twist. Cream cheese frosting, strawberry preserves, and graham cracker crumbs come together in perfect harmony for a blissful end to any meal. Don't be surprised if customers come back just for this menu item alone!


Pro Tip: Make your empanadas in advance and freeze them. This way when a customer places an order they will be ready to fry!

Happy National Empanada Day!

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