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MTI Suggestion Box: Meeting your Ventless Needs

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For almost thirty years Motion Technology Inc., has been the leader in ventless kitchen equipment. Throughout our company’s history we have prided ourselves in creating the best products possible to meet the needs of a vast number of industries. From carbon footprints to labor costs, we like to think we have considered an extensive number of variables a business may encounter when choosing their kitchen equipment.

Alas, we know we can not predict the wants and needs of every single client. Some clients will have certain necessities for their establishment’s equipment, that might not fit the model of what is already in existence. This is where Motion Technology Inc., comes in. We are all ears when it comes to the possibility of modifications as well as additional tools and supplies!

AutoFry_MiniCWe are no strangers to going above and beyond for our clients. When our customers tell us, what will help them run their businesses efficiently and effectively, we take it greatly into consideration. Last year, one client in particular came to us with a need for a ventless double basket fryer that could produce food in a single-serve or made-to-order fashion. After exploring the idea, we realized that a fryer of this capacity would benefit a various amount of companies within the foodservice industry.

So, we quickly got to work and after long hours, and lots of determination and elbow grease, we developed the MTI AutoFry Mini-C! This made-to-order marvel allows businesses to save on waste and reduce their carbon footprint, all while preparing freshly fried food. Now, any owner or operator looking to continue or add a foodservice program to their business has this single serve option. And it is all because we took the time to listen to our clientele and envision what would work best for them.

MultiChefSideBThe AutoFry Mini-C isn’t the only suggestion brought to fruition. The MultiChef, was a great addition to almost any kitchen. This ventless high-speed oven prepared delicious food without the use of microwave. Over the years, we explored ways to continue to improve this top performing piece of equipment. Our inspiration came from our clients. Their requests for an oven that also included microwave possibilities seemed like an addition that would be most beneficial. So we hit the ground running, and today we have the new and improved, MultiChef XL! A high-speed oven that gives our clients the best of both worlds. 

Over the years we have had all kinds of suggestions. From videos, to cleaning guides, we have created tools and implemented products to further assist our customers on the road to foodservice success. We have even created specific displays and software settings to correlate with an establishment’s menu options. At Motion Technology Inc., we feel strongly that we aren’t succeeding unless our clients are succeeding, and that’s why customer service is so vital to us. Not only does our service outshine the rest, we make our technical support line available EVERY DAY until 8 pm Eastern time, so we are always here to help!

Now, the only logical question to ask is…. What’s your suggestion?

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