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Which AutoFry Model is the Best Fit for your Business?

Which AutoFry Model is the Best Fit for your Business

When determining which AutoFry model is the best fit for your business there are a handful of things you will want to consider. We have five different models that come in various sizes and have been designed to handle a range of deep-frying demands. But don’t feel overwhelmed, MTI is here to help make the process of choosing your AutoFry simple and pain-free!

First things first, what are your foodservice goals? Before choosing the size of your AutoFry you will want to make sure you have a solid list of things you would like to accomplish with your foodservice program. Will you be using third party delivery services? Will sustainability be a main focus? Once you have zoned in on your goals you can focus on a plan to put them in motion.

Next thing to consider is what we like to refer to as the Food Factor! What do you plan on serving? If you are looking to fry precooked frozen items, any size AutoFry will work for you. Maybe you want to offer fresh, raw product. Our double basket units allow you to fry independently on both sides. For instance, you can fry raw fish separately from raw chicken.

Now, you will want to think about how much will you be frying? Look, we know you can't predict what the future has in store, but if you can make a rough estimate of how much you anticipate cooking, you'll have a way better idea of the capacity you need for your ventless, automatic fryer. Take a look below to get an idea of hourly capacity rates for each machine.    

Lastly, you will want to take into consideration how much space your business can dedicate to kitchen equipment. We pride ourselves on being able to fit our deep-fryers in just about ANY tight kitchen space. The MTI-5, MTI-10X/XL & Mini-C are our smaller ventless frying units. They all sit on counter tops and take up less than 2ft of your counter space. Even food trucks and kiosks aren't too small for these AutoFry models! On the flip side for our larger models, The MTI-40C sits on the counter, occupying roughly 3ft of space. The MTI-40E is a freestanding floor model that also takes up about 3ft of width on your floor. Based on those measurements, you should be able to look at your available space and determine how large or small you'd like your fryer to be.

Don't forget, all of our fryers are completely ventless, so they don't need space under a hood or vent system, making them much more convenient to house in your kitchen! Click the link below to learn more! 


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